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    If you are nuts about soccer like we are, you are a family member, a brother… really. Our passion for soccer (in other places futbol, football) is something that simply takes us somewhere else. Whomever lives it like we do, will understand. It’s a passion we just can’t describe. Those things we say in our minds such as ‘Soccer is the most important thing in the whole world’, or ‘Soccer and a Beer is called glory’… ok, we mean it. Seriously.

    Those things that are in our heads about the game, and that we are proud of, TheSoccerNuts wants to bring it in a cool way. We are simplistic, but powerful. Oh, and we want you to wear it in a very nice and cool way. Why? BECAUSE WE JUS’T Can't HELP IT. We just think SOCCER.

    By the way, did you check one of our cool designs that goes: ‘I don’t live on planet earth, I live on planet #soccer’? Ok, no joke, we live there.

    One last thing... we are two regular guys who share a passion for soccer, good things, health, care for others, creativity, and honesty. Every time you buy one of our T-shirts you are helping the environment (our inks are eco-friendly water based that don’t damage the environment, unlike the rest of prints out there) and also you are helping others (we donate a portion of our profits to some cool charities).