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    Let's TEAM UP Program

    When soccer is the language, teaming up is the play.

    Welcome to our ‘Let’s TEAM UP’ program.

    Q. What is this program all about?

    A. Simple: A way to talk soccer through our quality T-shirts. We will create a signature design (or use your current logo if you wish) for your club or academy with the highest quality of a genuine ‘TheSoccerNuts’ T-shirt to represent you off the field.

    Q. Why TEAM UP?

    A. Because we are all about soccer, and we know you are too. Having T-shirts to represent your team or academy does not have to be done through a simplistic and conventional approach. You want the best. Your T-shirt should breathe soccer, made by soccer, and represent your club or academy in the best way possible. This is what ‘TheSoccerNuts’ is about: WE LIVE SOCCER. We are not just a T-shirt company, we are a SOCCER T-Shirt company.

    Q. What makes 'TheSoccerNuts' T-Shirts different?

    A. We are not mass producing T-Shirts like the rest of conventional T-Shirt companies out there. Every T-Shirt we produce has a unique touch through our high quality design and product finish, which together with our poly/cotton blend fabrics, makes ‘TheSoccerNuts’ a one of kind SOCCER T-Shirt. It will be a totally genuine piece with the highest quality and durability you can imagine. And remember, we live SOCCER just like you do. This is not a T-Shirt, this is a SOCCER T-Shirt.


    Yes, I want to TEAM UP